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We are a Walsall based dog training academy, helping dog owners in and around the West  Midlands.

We as a dog training academy are very passionate about the dogs we help, wanting only the best for them. Using motivational methods we can transform you and your dogs behavior. However, we do not do quick fixes, Any type of dog training or rehabilitation takes time and consistency. With a lot of patience, we as a dog training academy aim to help you and your dog along the way. We provide both phone and e-mail back up, and follow up visits to ensure that the process is smooth ans stress free.

We are certified in dog training classes and class management, dog behavior, k9 first aid responders, and clicker training methods, so that we can provide a first class service. Our way of training/rehabilitation is to make it fun and mentally stimulating. This way your dog will change its behavior for the better. 

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Some of our happy clients testimonials 

 'Harris' is a 3 year old yellow Labrador, ex military dog.

What his owner said bout the session.

"john was friendly excellent attitude to us and my dog, he had my dog off the lead with a pack of dogs with in two hours , something that I had not achieved in 12 months as he was very aggressive towards other dogs, I would recommend him to anyone who was having problems with their dogs behavior. He was calm, confident and very assured in all situations we came across" 


‘Buster is a brindle Stafford shire bull terrier, 2years old rescued from a home that was having a baby in which he had no socialization.


This is what his owners said about our session


“I feel great, john gave me a massive boost in confidence with buster I learned to be more calm and more assertive with him which lead me to achieve my goal of walking him past other dog with out him reacting”.“It was a great experience, I learned when to correct and take control of buster, it was nice to see the true relaxed buster in stead of a tense dominant buster which growled at other dogs he now flirts with other dogs like a Casanova, and it was a great experience.

Thank you for all your support.”

 Buster’s owner sent a follow up letter after about a month and a half after my visit this is what it says:



Hope you are well as too are the dogs, thank you so much for all of your help and support with the dog training.

Your help is truly valued by the family.

Best wishes.

P.S.Buster is continuing his daily routine; his long walks are continuing to be a pleasure.

    He is able to walk with other dogs and now make new friends of his own,

And he is getting so much fuss from people it is wonderful, at one stage every one used to walk away from him or cross the road.

He has since traveled in the car which we never thought would happen he went to great Yarmouth on his holidays, he loved it. His behavior in the car was fantastic,

     He now knows that all three of us are now his teacher and director!

And not the other way round ha ha!

Please keep in touch, what you do is marvelous and if we can we are happy to support us like you have us, we will let you no about buster in the near future.

Welcome to The Wright K-9 Academy

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