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                          DEATH ROW DOGS NEEDING LOVING HOMES

This page has been added to help death-row dogs in pounds and homes at risk of being put to sleep for no reason except over population of stray and abandoned dogs, in local pounds there are sooooo many dogs that would make super pets, all dogs have a behavior evaluation to better determine there character and temperament and any issues they way have, also basic training, vet health check, we pride our selves in finding the best home for the individual dogs we place dogs with the people they need not the other way round, our minimum donation is £150-£200 this goes straight back to helping and saving death row dogs,

We are also in great need of food (dried chappie complete food, tinned food, bones), bedding, and dog toys (kongs, ect<) ,


pics of dogs and information coming soon,...... 



ROXY female rottie cross doberman 11 months old(spayed)


 (Advertised on behalf of keythorpe rottie rescue)

Roxy came to us unexpectedly.  She was due to stop with us just overnight but ended up staying.  At first she had major fear aggression though not surprising considering we we're her third sudden change of home and to get to us she was muzzled, wrapped in a duvet and bunged on a crate in a car, and then taken on a long journey to us.  After a couple of days of peace and quiet though she soon settled and showed us what she really is - a puppy with no training or socialisation.  She's very in your face and bouncy but she's absolutely lovely.  We've started to socialise her with our pack which is going well and as she settles they will soon teach her right and wrong.

Roxy herself is in very good condition and has been very well looked after.  She's spayed vaccinated and microchipped.  It shouldn't be too long before she's ready for a new home and we are ready to receive enquiries on this girl.

MERCEDES female rottie 2 years old

 Poor Mercedes has been passed from pillar to post after being advertised on a classified advert online after her original owner no longer had the time for her due to work commitments.

She was bought by a careless man who intended to use her as a guard dog for his shop. However her sweet personality proved to make her a useless guard dog and so the man started to ask around if anyone wanted her.

Luckily a regular customer in the shop heard about Mercedes plight and in order to stop her falling into the wrong hands he took her home.

Unfortunately this was only a temporary solution as the man has a young baby and his wife will not allow Mercedes in the home.

We found this beautiful girl to be a very friendly and sweet girl who is said to be good with other dogs and good off-lead.

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