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"Duke" is a 9-month gsd that was purchased from a breeder.

This is what his owner said about the session.

 "I learnt so much about my dog and how to address his behavior problems that he had like territory aggression jumping up biting and pulling on the lead I must say I have learnt more in the whole session than in 5 weeks with another trainer thank you again for all your help and advice on the phone too."


"Lexi" is a beautiful 10 month old American bulldog, purchased from a breeder the day before my visit, which openly told them how to discipline with a whack with a stick (how disgusting).


This is what they said about the session.


"As we first thought she was aggressive we was happy to be told that in fact she was a frightened wary puppy trying to get everyone away so that they could not hurt her any more, but when john worked his magic on her and sat down next to her with her still trying to rip his throat out he just kept his cool all the time and gave us massive confidence, she walked by my side nearly all the time, she became more relaxed around people an a very busy environment, did also walk with my brother with out the aggression shown the day before, all in all it wasn't a bat day at all"


The next day the follow up they gave me.


"Me and my friends relaxed outside all night with lexi relaxed and a sleep wee took her for a walk and she did not react to a person or a dog walked peacefully by my side, today I took her for a fantastic walk and when we got back we tried to get her to come in the house it took us about 5-10 minutes but as soon as I reassured her she came in a little unsure but the with in a few moments she was asleep we are going to take each day as it comes and not push her in to doing anything too soon but I think we will be ready for the obedience class on the 4th of July all being well if not that we can always start when she is ready."

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